The Engine Shed prides itself on being accessible to everyone with wide doors, lowered sections at the bar, accessible toilets and an accessible viewing areas which can be booked with seating if required.

If there is some information that is not covered below, or you would like to arrange specific requirements for your visit please contact our team by emailing us at [email protected]

Please note that we require notification of accessibility needs seating requests 7 days prior to the event you wish to attend.


The Engine Shed – this is the main room that is located on the ground floor. For large events, The Platform is used as a viewing area. For smaller events, we will have an area reserved within the Engine Shed, for those who require seating. You will need to book space in the reserved area, 7 days prior to the event and it is booked on a first come, first served basis. You can book by emailing [email protected]. The entrance to the Engine Shed is located underneath our red neon sign.

The Platform – this is the more intimate room that is located above the main room. Stairs are the main point of access, there is also a lift for those who need it. If you require to use of the reserved seating area for a show in The Platform, you will again need to book space, 7 days prior to the event. You can book by emailing [email protected]. The entrance for The Platform is immediately left, when you enter the main door for our Towers bar.

Once the venue has opened, please speak to a member of the staff or the security team and they will take you to the reserved viewing area, ahead of the show.


Should you require early access due to standing difficulties, please contact us beforehand and we will be able to accommodate this for you.


We do not have specific venue parking, however there is a university carpark opposite the venue and plenty of local car parks around Lincoln.

Carer Ticket Scheme

The majority of our events permit the carer ticket scheme. You can purchase these by emailing [email protected]. You will need to demonstrate proof of need with identification.

Ticket Purchasing

Tickets can be purchased online from this website from the event section.

We do not offer tickets to be collected at box office, unless there are special circumstances. If you have any questions about this, please email [email protected]. Tickets are non-refundable, unless the event is cancelled.

Please note that we require notification of accessibility needs seating requests 7 days prior to the event you wish to attend.

Use of Strobe Lighting / Effects and Other Stage Effects

Strobe lighting, smoke machines, lighting that produces stroboscopic effects and other stage effects may be used during the shows and events in our venues.